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Cable Tie Tools

Cable tie tools is basically used for the proper tightening & sharp cutting with smooth hassle free use for the general packaging operation as per the different sizes of cable ties. Tighten strap and cut off the excess part sharp. It allows easy operation and efficient installation.


  • Insures correct tension & provides automatic tie cut-off, built-in cable tie cutter
  • Speed up cable tie applications
  • Adjustable tensioning for different tie sizes
  • Light weight, smooth cutting for width 2.0 mm to 9.0 mm sizes for Nylon cable ties
  • Strong solid metal construction body

Cable Mounts

Material : Nylon-66: UL 94 V-2. (Natural)

Color :Natural White / Black

Feature : Its unique design provides maximum stability to the wires bundles. To apply simply fix mount with a screw and secure wire bundles with Nylon Cable Ties.

Application : Hold Wire / Cables bundles and help routing of the same as desired

Ferrules, Terminals & Connectors

Ferrules insure reliable electrical connections when terminating stranded flexible wire in terminal blocks, circuit breakers or other control devices. Insulated ferrules prevent conductor breakage due to bending, wire stress or vibration while facilitating wire insertion into the terminal clamp. CLAMPSNCLAMPS standard insulated ferrules are color coded by conductor size for convenient identification. To ensure efficient ferrule crimping, always select the smallest ferrule diameter that fits the wire and use only professional crimping tools.

Cable Markers

Material : Soft PVC, concave conversed shape, no. code in sleeve, elasticity of in-diameter.

Color : Yellow body with black marking.

Application : Wire identification in electrical / electronic wiring.

How to use :Peel each hack lightly.

Features : To be applied before wire termination & also suitable for any size, special length and marking is available to order.